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Subject: Transform your body today!

Dear friend,

If you want to dramatically increase your muscle mass, be stronger, get the perfect tone and massively increase your testosterone level, then you’re in the right place and at the right time.

Increasing your testosterone is by far, a sure fire way to improve your body.

Before getting into how you can use testosterone to your advantage to supercharge you body and gain muscle (plus many other benefits.) First let’s understand what it is and why it’s so popular amongst bodybuilders.

TESTOSTERONE Is the principal androgen, or male sex hormone, although it appears in both genders. By definition, we can categorize it as a male hormone.

It is secreted by the testes in men and the ovaries in women. Small amounts are also secreted by the adrenals in both genders.

While testosterone occurs naturally in the body, bodybuilders sometimes supplement it with natural or synthetic versions to increase muscle growth.

It is classified as an anabolic steroid because it will bulk up body tissues and encourage the retention of protein by the body.

As you may know, retention of protein is the key to gaining muscle mass.


Testosterone is widely used to treat some medical conditions and some athletes use itjust to bulk up for competition. Bodybuilders and other people who want to supercharge their bodies also use it.

What Does Testosterone Do?

As an anabolicsteroid, testosterone is greatly responsible for muscle growth. It also helps to eliminate body fat (which is why men usually tend to have larger muscles and less fat than women do.)

Testosterone enhances red blood-cell production, libido, increases energy and protects against osteoporosis.

Bodybuilders love It!

The main goal of bodybuilding is to get big--and the bigger, the better.

Professional bodybuilders are looking for symmetry, definition and size. These are the definitive factors in winning competitions and there is no need to mention the fact remark that this field is a very, very competitive one.

Men are naturally able to produce larger muscles than womenbut unfortunately there are limits to what the body can do.

Naturally speaking, it is almost impossible for the human body to achieve some of the results that some bodybuilders achieve without chemical assistance. The body alone does not (and cannot) produce so much testosterone.

By injecting more testosterone into the body, bodybuilders are able to increase the amount of hormones available for muscle growth and toning. This way they gain more size and geta competitive edge over others.

Over the years a lot of testosterone products have made the claim that they “are the definitive solution” to gaining muscle, toning and improvement.

The problems with these products are many.

While some of them were good, some products caused a lot of side-effects, such as Acne, a bitter or strange taste in mouth, a change in sex drive, fatigue, gum or mouth irritation, gum pain, gum tenderness or swelling, hair loss, general headache, inhibited sperm production, testicular shrinkage, heart disease and sleep apnea.

It is not our intention to scare you.

These terrible side-effects will only occur if the testosterone formula is not the right one and some sellers don’t care about this, they just want your money and that’s all.

I’m sure that you have heard some “horror stories” on the Internet about how dangerous testosterone supplements from some online pharmacies can be and while some of these stories are almost certainly true, not all testosterone products are that bad.

Using online pharmacies is simply gambling with your health and we encourage you to not purchase TESTOSTERONE products from them since you do not know where their ingredients come from.

If this is the first time that you have heard about testosterone supplements, then keep reading as we’re going to show you a way to gain muscle fast, enhance your sexuality and supercharge your body!

If you have already tried testosterone supplements with little success, then keep reading too because we’re going to uncover some truths the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know.

You’re probably tired of spending your hard earned money on other testosterone supplements without seeing measurable results.

Here’s a FACT: The fitness industry is full of charlatans who only want to take your money and run. It’s a sad fact but it is an all-too-common truth.

Some people don’t even realize this.



It is not a good feeling when you fall for all of the hype and then realize that the supplement that you’ve purchased doesn’t deliver at all and what’s more, it can actually cause you to have health problems.

However, good and high quality testosterone supplements have a lot of positive benefits to your health and are not dangerous at all.

Naturally, good things usually are harder to get and are more expensive. If you’ve been looking for testosterone supplements you might have already realized that it’s not as easy as it seems.

If you try to get them from the internet, as I said, it can be just like gambling. There are a lot of bogus and shady pharmacies that sell testosterone supplements really cheaply but the problem here is that you don’t know who’s behind these pharmacies.

It can be a factory in a third world country that does not receive the necessary level of oversight!

We strongly recommend that you stay away from them as they can do more harm than good.

The question here is: Why are bodybuilders using testosterone supplements?

The answer is simple. Testosterone supplements are a great resource that can be extremely beneficial for those who are looking for ways to improve their body.

Testosterone supplements are used for:

=== Muscle gaining: As mentioned before, testosterone helps to retain protein, which will help you to experience anincrease in muscle gain.

===Bodybuilding supplement: They are used by athletes, bodybuilders and individuals who want to improve their overall performance when training.

===Rapid muscle recovery: Testosterone helps you to experience a better and faster recovery that is not otherwise possible. After exhausting training sessions your body can suffer a terrible weakening. However, testosterone can help speed recovery.

===Sexual Enhancement: Testosterone can help to make men more powerful and more vibrant in bed. Testosterone is by definition a sexual hormone, so it naturally helps men to achieve better sexual performance.

=== Boost your body: With testosterone the body feels more powerful and it is able to handle more. On occasions, our body weakens because of several factors such as stress. However, testosterone can neutralize this negative effect.

===Get more energy: Men can become tired just because of the incredibly fast speed and rhythm of life. Testosterone supplements give the body an almost never ending boost of energy.

=== Increasing strength: Testosterone has the ability to make you stronger thanks to the presence of tribulus (a natural ingredient).

=== Enhancing performance: You can do much more and thanks to the testosterone your performance is much better!


So as you can see, testosterone can bring a lot of benefits to your life.

Your performance, your muscles and even your health can improve thanks to testosterone.

Are you able to see why testosterone is all the rage now and why so many people are promoting its benefits?

This is something that many pharmacies want to capitalize on.

You can find TONS of different testosterone supplements as the supply of this kind of product is amazing.

You only have to conduct a simple Google search for the term “testosterone supplement” and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of results.

Most of them are trying to sell you low-quality supplements which, unfortunately, will never work since their quality doesn’t meet the industry standards.

If by chance you spot a good product, then expect to pay a lot of money for it.

The key to a high-quality testosterone supplement is, obviously, high-quality ingredients.

Of course, this same metric can be applied to almost every product on the market. However, effective and good testosterone supplements must contain quality ingredients.

Also, they have to match perfectly or the result can be a complete disaster.

Some bodybuilding forums are full of people suffering from side-effects caused by consuming the wrong testosterone supplements.

This illustrates the real danger of purchasing uncertified testosterone supplements that are available from many online pharmacies and other websites.

If you’re a bodybuilder, then the chances are that you might be aware of this big problem. If you’re searching for the right testosterone supplement then look no further.

We have the perfect solution for you.

In a few minutes you’re about to discover the only testosterone supplement that will revolutionize the fitness world.

First let us ask you a few simple questions (please be honest).

A) Do you want to improve your performance and your stamina?

B) Do you want to be stronger?

C) Do you want to gain more muscle mass?

D) Do you want to enhance your sexuality and improve it dramatically?

If you responded affirmatively, then keep reading as we’re going to present you with the definitive testosterone supplement.

It has nothing to do with those low-quality testosterone supplements you can purchase from online pharmacies. This is a unique and exclusive mix of high-quality ingredients that makes up a unique formula. It has been tested with outstanding results!

By now, we’re sure you’re wondering who we are?

We are the TestoRaw Team and we’re experts in the area of testosterone supplements. We’ve been studying and developing different testosterone supplements for several years.

Our team composed of hundreds of professionals (fitness experts, researchers, medics etc.) and when it comes to testosterone we definitely know the ins and outs.

We’ve been selling and distrusting testosterone supplements in the US and internationally.

With thousands of satisfied customers all over


the world we’re proud to be one of the most respected companies in the business.

Also, all of our laboratories meet all of the standards pursuant to the industry. We’re proud to be almost the only company that truly develops testosterone supplements that really work and are widely acclaimed by athletes, bodybuilders and regular individuals.

We’ve developed a unique testosterone formula that can bring numerous benefits to your body and you
r life.

TestoRaw, The Definitive Testosterone Supplement!

It’s not like other testosterone products that you can find elsewhere. TestoRaw is the revolution that is taking the internet by storm. We’ve spent 5 years researching and developing a unique formula that can make you gain more muscle mass, tone it efficiently and enhance your overall performance without side effects.

It can also…

===Make you lose weight.

===Enhance your vigor.

===Increase your natural virility!

Hundreds of professionals have worked hard to bring life to a genuine testosterone supplement that delivers what it promises.
Also, TestoRaw has been tested in over 200 hundred bodybuilders and the results they’ve achieved were amazing. They noticed a dramatic increase in muscle as well an incredible rise in their energy levels.

Most of the testosterone supplements that you can find elsewhere simply don’t deliver these benefits. What’s more, some of them don’t even deliver anything at all!

We’re sure that you might be skeptical about our promises and quite frankly, we understand your position and you should give yourself some credit as you don’t believe in “miraculous stories”.

You’ve been misleaded in the past by some fitness guru promoting a “new testosterone formula”. However, TestoRaw is a completely different world. The effectiveness of TestoRaw is surprising to even the most skeptical. The reason behind this is because TestoRaw uses only natural ingredients.

These are the ingredients that make up our potent supplement:

1. Zinc - This is an essential mineral that can found in every cell in our body and promotes biochemical reactions in your body. Zinc helps maintain a healthy immunesystem, helps fight disease, helps in repairing cells, is necessary for sperm production, reduces the risk of prostate cancer, minimizes cold symptoms, helps fight acne and prevents baldness.

2. Chrysin - Chrysin is chemically extracted from Passiflora caerulea (blue passion flower) and is a naturally occurring flavone. It literally blocks the conversion of testosterone and androstenedione into estrogen. Chrysin helps to keep testosterone at optimal levelsand boosts energy.

3. Black Pepper Extract - Black pepper extract (bioperine) is a pure form of piperine which is derived from the fruits of the black pepper plant. Piperine is an alkaloid. Black pepper is also known as Piper Nigrum L and Piper Longum L (long pepper). It increases the body's efficiency in the intake of nutrients and helps to alleviate gas and constipation. It’s an excellent fat burner and helps the body to lose weight. Black pepper has the ability to stimulate gastric secretions and raise metabolic rate.

4. MuiraPuama – This is one of the most active botanicals. It has a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver and remedy for impotence & sexual insufficiency. It improves the psychological and physical aspects of your libido and sexual functions. It also helps blood flow to the pelvic area, aiding erections.

5. Ginger Root - Ginger root is a powerful medicinal herb used primarily for the treatment of Dyspepsia (discomfort after eating.) It prevents motion sickness, and helps treat arthritis, fevers, headaches, and toothaches. Ginger is also an effective anti-inflammatory herb.

6. Nettle – this is an herbal flowering plant that is native to Asia, Europe, northern Africa and North America. It is commonly called stinging nettle and is a perennial. During the winter, it dies down to the ground. It contains a high amount of iron and it treats anemia,arthritis and rheumatism. It also protects the respiratory system. It helps urinary problems. It also decreases the risk of eczema and many other skin disorders.

7. Maca - Maca root is 100% natural. It is especially indicated for athletes and bodybuilders. It helps to improve endurance and it’s also known for having a positive impact on the libido. Maca efficiently regulates energy levels, reduces stress on the body,especially when weight-lifting. It improves your insulin sensitivity.

8. Tibullus Terrestris Extract - Tribulus terrestris is a plant that grows in tropical climates. It has been used as an herbal supplement diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and as a mood enhancing tonic. Tribulus terrestris is a non-hormonal herb that restores and improves libido in men as well as improving and prolonging (no pun intended) the duration of erections. Tribulusterrestris extract increases sperm count. It helps to increase intensity during workouts.

As you can see, these ingredients are really beneficial for your body.

Why Did We Create This Testosterone Supplement?

The answer is simple. We work hand in hand with a lot of bodybuilders and they were eager to get a better testosterone supplement. “Our bodybuilders were tired of those low quality supplements and wanted something different, something more powerful and something effective.”

We’ve spent over 5 years studying, analyzing and trying to “decipher” the real code behind a powerful supplement. After such a long time, we finally discovered the perfect combination; a special formula that literally transformed our bodybuilders into supermen!

They noticed an increase in their muscle mass, and reported more invigorated muscles. They also experienced a significant improvement in weight loss.

TestoRaw was developed with bodybuilders or athletes in mind and also for the individual who wants to improve his body significantly.

We’re not like those typical companies who only care about money. Our products are made to improve our clients’ lives.

Today you just have the real secret that will allow you to be stronger and get more muscle so that you can look better. Additionally, your energy level will also be significantly increased.

TestoRaw is the proven and effective solution that combines only the best ingredients. Please, take a moment and re-read the ingredients that make up our testosterone product and just imagine all of those ingredients and their benefits combined into one super supplement.

What you get is a magical formula that will help you gain more muscle, get a better body, burn fat and recover faster from intensive training.

What’s the price of such a powerful testosterone supplement? Click the banner below.

The world is suffering from a terrible economic recession and we at completely understand that.

Other testosterone supplements can be found on the market for really excessive prices. TestoRaw is the only testosterone supplement that combines all of these ingredients into one. Its specific formula not only will boost your body but it will also help you to take the right approach when building your muscle.

After taking our testosterone supplement you will see a major improvement in your body; you will build your muscles faster, get the perfect tone and experience an unheard of level of energy and gain many more beneficial effects.


TestoRaw is a one-of-a-kind testosterone supplement and there’s nothing like this on the market. It’s been scientifically tested with hundreds of bodybuilders of all ages and the results were outstanding.

TestoRaw is made of high-quality ingredients mixed in a unique way that will transform your body for good. Don’t worry about pricing…

We’re not going to charge hundreds of dollars for getting TestoRaw. Some products on the market can cost this amount but ours is different.

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If you want to experience the power of being stronger, having more muscles, be more energized and virtually have no limits, then TestoRaw is the perfect solution that you have looking for.

We have spent 5 years researching,developing and perfecting this master formula that you can have access to now. You only have to order your package and soon you’ll start seeing major improvements in your body.

Also, TestoRaw not only will boost your body and metabolism, it will also help you to recover faster from your training and enhance your sexuality in ways that you have never imagined!

Money Back Guarantee!

We are sure that you’re going to love TestoRaw and all of its benefits.
However, we understand that you first might want to try it out and see how it works for you. This is simple. Just purchase your TestoRaw package today and try it for a full 90 days. Just see how powerful it can be.

If in that time frame you feel TestoRaw is not for you, then you only have to return it to us and in less than 72 hours you will have your money refunded.


We are sure that you’re going to love TestoRaw and all of its benefits. However, we understand that you first might want to try it out and see how it works for you. This is simple. Just purchase your TestoRaw package today and try it for a full 90 days. Just see how powerful it can be.

If in that time frame you feel TestoRaw is not for you, then you only have to return it to us and in less than 72 hours you will have your money refunded.

We really don’t want your money if you’re not satisfied with our innovative TestoRaw product. We’re removing all of the risk from this transaction!

If you want to get the perfect body, then you need TestoRaw.

We’re 100% sure that this will change your life!

Thank you for reading,

The TestoRaw Team

Q: It is safe to take testosterone supplements?
A: Yes it is. However, before taking any supplements you should first ask your doctor.

Q: Does TestoRaw© produces side-effects?
A: No, over our years of researching and testing there were no side-effects reported. In order to keep it safe, it is recommended that you take what is instructed on the bottle label.

Q: WillTestoRaw© really improve my body and will it help me get more muscle?
A: Yes, the incredibly effective formula will help you to gain muscle mass, burn fat, accelerate your metabolism, recover faster from intensive training and enhance your sexuality.

Q: Does TestoRaw© really works as advertised?
A: Of course! TestoRaw© is very powerful and it has been tested by hundreds of elite athletes and bodybuilders with incredible results. Also, we receive a lot of e-mail from happy customers all over the world praising our testosterone product!

Q: I am a female bodybuilder, will this work for me?
A: Yes, absolutely. TestoRaw© was designed with both genders in mind. If you’re a female bodybuilder, then this will work for you!

Q: Will your product enhance my erections?
A: Our product is not a substitute for medications such as Viagra. However, after taking TestoRaw you will see a major improvement in your sexuality in general as it will be enhanced dramatically.

Q: It is true that your product will help me lose weight and burn fat at the same time?
A: Yes. Testosterone can help you lose weight and burn fat.

Q: Will TestoRaw help me get the body I have always dreamt of?
A: This depends upon you. You need to exercise your body in order to see improvement. If you’re already a bodybuilder and want to take things to the next level, then TestoRaw© will accelerate the process you will be stronger in less time.

Q: What happens if I purchase TestoRaw and by chance I’m not satisfied?
A: We offer a solid, iron-clad money-back guarantee that has you covered. Just try TestoRaw© for 90 days and see if this is for you. If you feel that it is not,then you only have to return your package to:

Returns Dept.
4046 Hwy 154 Suite 105
Newnan, GA 30266

..and within 72 hours we’ll refund your money. This way we’re making this transaction risk free and you have nothing to lose and a SO MUCH to gain!

Q: I want to talk with a representative, how do I contact you?
A: We have friendly, superb and around-the-clock customer support agents that will be happy to resolve any doubts that you might have. You can reach them by sending an e-mail with your questions or comments to:

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: 2-5 Day Shipping is $10.95 USD
A: 1-2 Express Shipping is $30.00 USD
We ship all packages by USPS (United States Postal Service)

Q: It is safe to purchase from you?
A: We use a secure system (128 bit SSL encryption) that is hacker-free. You can place your order without worrying about security as we are professionals who care about our customers. All orders are securely processed and your personal data is safe with us. We don’t rent or sell your information to third parties.

Q: How can I order?
A: Simple! Just click on the “add to cart” button below and fill in your data. We will send the product within 24 hours.

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Q: Where’s the company based?
A: We are located in Newnan, Georgia. USA (Atlanta, Georgia)

Q: What’s your telephone number?
A: 1-800-977-8310

Q: Are all of the testimonials real?
A: Yes, all of the testimonials are from real people who are satisfied with TestoRaw. They freely sent their testimonial to our e-mail.

If at any time you have any doubts, please just contact us by phone: 1-800-977-8310 or by e-mail: support [at]

Our customer support team will be happy to answer all of the questions that you might have. Just remember that we’re here to help you to improve yourself and get the perfect body!